Recreating Famous Looks With Your Eyeglass Frames: How To Do It

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Recreating Famous Looks With Your Eyeglass Frames: How To Do It

14 November 2017
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You know that scene in your favorite movie where the character either removes or puts on a pair of glasses and delivers that line? Would it not be great if you could have glasses just like that? How about your favorite actor delivering lines in a commercial, or your favorite musician performing or doing an interview? In fact, there are lots of famous people donning glasses for lots of reasons, and you could follow suit. The following examples will help.

Samuel L. Jackson's Unassuming Glasses

This is one actor with a larger-than-life, bolder-than-bold personality. When he does a commercial, you want to pay attention. He wears glasses in these commercials, and probably because the actor is old enough now that he needs to.Yet, his glasses are understated and simple; you see them, but they are an afterthought compared to the actor wearing them.

If you also have a big, bold personality, small, circular, or rectangular frames are perfect for you. They do homage to this actor's style while also complimenting your personality. Look for thinly-wired or lightweight frames that are barely there.

Elton John's "Loud and Proud" Eyeglass Frames

Known for his truly flamboyant style, Elton John has quite the collection of eyeglasses. In fact, it is rumored that he has a couple hundred pairs of glasses from which to choose every day. While you are not likely to own as many pairs of glasses, there are certainly plenty of frames with a ton of bling and unusual shapes and colors. Try loud, green cat's eye frames with crystal insets at the temples, and you will have the Elton John look nailed.

Jennifer Lawrence's Aviators

Jennifer Lawrence is frequently spotted sporting Gucci and Givenchy aviator glasses and sunglasses. Whether she has a prescription or not, only she can tell for sure. Still, if you love her look, there are more than enough aviator style frames available at optometrist's offices like Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC. There are even some very high-end fashion frames by famous designers if you want to spend the extra money to really steal Ms. Lawrence's look.

Dame Helen Mirren's "Anything Goes" Frames

Dame Mirren sports different glasses wherever she goes and different glasses in every role she plays. From the bright red frames reminiscent of a certain daytime talk show host to the tortoiseshell frames at a fashion film festival, she wears whatever she likes, whenever she likes. That is the right of someone "knighted" or "damed" by the British queen. To copy her style, pair understated frames with elegant attire, or bold frames with understated attire.