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Vision after Forty

Hello. My name is Lori Frank. I’m fifty-two years old. I had perfect vision until I turned forty-one years of age. It’s funny; you often hear how one's vision starts to change at forty. Well, I can tell you that statement sure has held true for not only me but friends and family too. I never worried about going for yearly eye exams until I noticed that it was getting harder to read road signs when driving. I got my first pair of glasses when I was forty-one, and I’ve been averaging a new prescription at least every other year since. I want to share some of my experiences when it comes to eye exams. I was frightened and wanted to put it off, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, to make things better, eyeglasses are a trend these days!


What Will It Be Like At The Ophthalmologist Office?

6 June 2019
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When you may have certain issues going on with your eyes, such as an eye disease, you will be referred to an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist can be either an osteopathic or a medical doctor who's undergone schooling and training that can last as long as 13 years. They are experts in the field of eye diseases and other conditions that can have an affect on your eyes. When you go to an ophthalmologist, you may want to know what the environment is going to be like so you feel better prepared when you go in to see them for your eyes. Read More …

4 Things You Should Know About Vitrectomy Surgery

26 February 2019
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Your eyes are your window to the world. They allow you to see in order to perform all sorts of necessary tasks and fun activities. Unfortunately, your eyes can sometimes become injured, in which case you may need the assistance of an eye surgeon. One of the most common types of eye surgery is vitrectomy surgery, but you may not have heard of it before. The idea of someone operating on your eye can be frightening, but there's nothing to worry about. Read More …

When To Take Your Child To The Optometrist

21 November 2018
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You may not think you need to take your child to the optometrist, but young children need to have their eyes checked as well. Children don't know that their vision is blurry, especially if their vision has always been blurry. If you aren't sure when to get your child's eyes tested, read on for tips to help guide you. How Old Is Your Child? Your child should have an eye exam before they are a year old. Read More …

3 Things To Consider Before Deciding Whether To Wear Contact Lenses

25 July 2018
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Are you thinking about trading your old glasses in for eye contacts? The idea may be a good one, but there are a few things to consider before making a final decision. Following are just three important considerations you should be making. 1. Care and Maintenance When deciding whether or not contact lenses are right for you, it is important to consider the care and maintenance that will be necessary as time goes on. Read More …

3 Important Actions That Can Prevent Diabetic Eye Disease

11 June 2018
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Diabetes can affect many parts of your body, including your eyes. It can cause blurriness, trouble perceiving colors, and even dark areas of vision. The best way to treat diabetic eye disease is to prevent it in the first place, which is possible through these actions.  Control Your Blood Sugar  A lot of diabetic eye problems are the result of high blood sugar. When these levels spike, you can damage your eyes' blood vessels and even suffer from blurry vision. Read More …