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Vision after Forty

Hello. My name is Lori Frank. I’m fifty-two years old. I had perfect vision until I turned forty-one years of age. It’s funny; you often hear how one's vision starts to change at forty. Well, I can tell you that statement sure has held true for not only me but friends and family too. I never worried about going for yearly eye exams until I noticed that it was getting harder to read road signs when driving. I got my first pair of glasses when I was forty-one, and I’ve been averaging a new prescription at least every other year since. I want to share some of my experiences when it comes to eye exams. I was frightened and wanted to put it off, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, to make things better, eyeglasses are a trend these days!


Taking Your Baby In For Their First Eye Exam

30 November 2014
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Some people forget that taking care of their eyes should be a part of their health regimens. In fact, you should have yearly visits with an eye doctor to make sure your eyes have no underlying problems and to make sure you are able to see properly. If you have a small child, you will want to start taking them to an eye doctor early to start a routine of good habits. Read More …